Monday, 22 October 2012

From the heart of my bottom

Most of my friends will know that I've been going through some tough personal times lately, I won't bore my imaginary readers with the ins and outs though. (oooh a mystery!)

Anyway, the point of the thank you post, is to thank the wonderful, funny, inspiring  friends I have. Some in real life, a lot on-line, some I've met lots, some just once, some never.

If you have ever made me laugh, let me cry, inspired me to run (TM I thought I never ever would!) then I love you for that.

I'd like to thank my producers, the wonderful director.... oh shit , sorry, forgot I wasn't Kate Winslet for a minute!

Tomorrow I will blog again with crafty updates and the usual bilge, just wanted to get that out there 

mwah! xx 

p.s. I just grabbed the first sad winslet pic I found on googling - The preview of the
 post tells me my latest colour scheme was MEANT to be! would ya look at that ?! 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Long time no see !

So here we are again,

It's been a loooong break, too long, but there was too much busy going on for this to be a priority and I've missed this sort-of diary of stuff.

The Bilgewater blog has had a small makeover (I will probably change my mind a lot more in the next few days but for now I'm going with a smart grellow)

I will write a 'proper' catch up post later once the small blonde is asleep :-) - C'mon blogger, get with it, even facebook has smilies don't you know ? 

ooh yes, almost forgot - interesting pic as the first I choose is what's thumbnailed on facebook. 

This painting is called 'New Dawn'