Monday, 22 October 2012

From the heart of my bottom

Most of my friends will know that I've been going through some tough personal times lately, I won't bore my imaginary readers with the ins and outs though. (oooh a mystery!)

Anyway, the point of the thank you post, is to thank the wonderful, funny, inspiring  friends I have. Some in real life, a lot on-line, some I've met lots, some just once, some never.

If you have ever made me laugh, let me cry, inspired me to run (TM I thought I never ever would!) then I love you for that.

I'd like to thank my producers, the wonderful director.... oh shit , sorry, forgot I wasn't Kate Winslet for a minute!

Tomorrow I will blog again with crafty updates and the usual bilge, just wanted to get that out there 

mwah! xx 

p.s. I just grabbed the first sad winslet pic I found on googling - The preview of the
 post tells me my latest colour scheme was MEANT to be! would ya look at that ?! 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Long time no see !

So here we are again,

It's been a loooong break, too long, but there was too much busy going on for this to be a priority and I've missed this sort-of diary of stuff.

The Bilgewater blog has had a small makeover (I will probably change my mind a lot more in the next few days but for now I'm going with a smart grellow)

I will write a 'proper' catch up post later once the small blonde is asleep :-) - C'mon blogger, get with it, even facebook has smilies don't you know ? 

ooh yes, almost forgot - interesting pic as the first I choose is what's thumbnailed on facebook. 

This painting is called 'New Dawn' 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I am a busy bee!

Normal twaddle to be resumed...ermm... shortly ? (she says with very little conviction)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Great Aunt !

Doesn't that sound OLD and matronly ? 
Maybe at 40 I should embrace the Miss Havisham in me ?

Many many congratulations to my niece and her partner on the birth of baby 
Maisie yesterday ! 

What fun we have had on the Natural Mamas forum this week creating our Enid Blyton fictional names. Take the name of a Great Aunt, add the name of the 
first school you attended. 

I'm Winifred Southwick - a jolly sort, slightly plump and bad at lacrosse but terribly kind to new girls and very generous with her tuck.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Girasole is dead! Long live the Girasole !

A cautionary tale...

There once was a new knitter who thought she could cope with something big and fancy like she had seen made by her fab knitter friend Becky

She had admired the Girasole pattern by Jared Flood many times and so cast it on.
She decided to change needle size after the first few rounds, and again a few rounds later!

She thought she could just miss out a few rows of the pattern cos it was boring/wasn't going well. 

She then ballsed up the leafy part by rapidly moving ahead with the charts not checking that the stitches were lining up. 

STILL she soldiered  on! She got a better knitter by this stage and thought she would keep the mistakes as a 'cute' reminder of a past time. 

Then she thought she would frog it (rip it back - rippit, rippit) but couldn't face the task. It was going so well by this point! The UFO was shoved in the back of the yarn stash to linger unloved. 

Unfinished but not unravelled either. 
Eventually the time came when it just couldn't be put off any more and the frogging began *sob*

The Girasole is dead! Long live the Girasole !

Today I have cast this on again and am going to do a knit a long with my friend Ally , we hope to inspire and nudge each other along a bit :-)

 See ? that last bit was GOOD !

but those leaves weren't !

 There was no way that massive change in needle size was going to be 
blocked out was there ?

gratuitous rig picture for the fans

so long Imaginary Readers ! x