Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One A Day - Tuesday Tally !!

Ooops I dont think that's quite one a day *must do better !


I'm sooooo addicted to knitting at the moment, I'm loving the new skills, the new patterns, the way I can create the things I've been dreaming of for a long time..

I'm working on this top down jumper which is called 'Seamless Blue' (it's on Ravelry) I'm using Sirdar Wash N Wear in a bright red and I LOVE IT !!!

The progress..
This shows the colour best.. (check out my yarn twisting between stripes - go me !)

On my other knitting projects (the grand total of er... two) I've struggled with a neat cast on, This HAD to be neat as it couldn't be hidden with crochet after :-) , I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Tomorrow will be Wordless Wednesday, inspired by Joan at Lab Tails
It will be a collection of photos of 'things' . Things I like, things I've made, things from Pinterest etc.

Friday, 16 September 2011

A new job and a new skill

Its been an exciting week this week, I have a new little job as Advertising Manager at the Natural Mamas website, it's great to be using my brain, pc and communication skills for something other than Pinterest :-)  (and Ravelry, and blogging, and facebook... ) The admin/moderator team there are great like minded mamas and I'm really enjoying what I've done so far.

I think I can finally call myself Bi-Craftual !!  I'm now on my second (albeit simple) knitted project and its feeling a lot more natural to me. In fact I picked up a crochet hook yesterday and had to think for a moment how to do it - only a nanosecond really hehe.

It's reeeeally hard to capture yarn colours with the camera in my phone, I think I need a proper camera.

I'm trying to emulate THIS, sort of. 
A lovely friend is going to edge it for me in red cotton jersey when I'm done.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ta Dah !!!

It's not perfect but I'm very proud of myself , it's the first thing EVER that I've knitted  !!

The pattern is Love the Earth Baby Cardi on Ravelry by Lion Brand Yarn.
I added a crochet border to hide my slightly dodgy edges and to create the button holes as I wasn't brave enough to make them. 
My gauge and tension improved throughout the piece which is evident as the collar is very baggy, live and learn !!

Only one picture as a certain someone decided to get in on the act..

One A Day - Tuesday Tally

I've just tagged myself onto the One a Day Ravelry group (there's a clicky link  over there>>>) after being inspired by Gingerbreadgirl's Mini Hexagon throw. Mine are a totally different colour scheme to Caroles but it's a stash buster using yarn I already own and I LOVE the combinations all together.

So on my first Tuesday Tally, I have 9 little hex's !! I'm trying to be good and join as I finish each one.

p.s. I bought some buttons at Jumble Jelly this morning to finally finish Verity's knitted cardi - there will be a 'Ta Dah!' later today I'm hoping (but don't get too excited it's far from perfect) 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Nostalgia gone mad ?

So the current trend, well it's been a few years now, has been for nostalgic 'stuff'. Cupcakes are in, bunting is BIG, crochet and knitting are reaching heights of popularity I've not seen in my lifetime. Who knew a granny square would ever be cool ?!
I for one think this is lovely lovely lovely  (apart from those 'Keep Calm' signs, they bore me now hehe)
My 25 year old niece had a village fete themed wedding last year - Mum and I made the cakes.

I'm starting to think I'm taking this a bit far however..
This summer for the Royal Wedding, Fairy (you know  - hands that do dishes are as soft as your face, so dry and a bit spotty  T zone then?) brought out an old fashioned squeezy bottle and I've been lovingly refilling it each time it runs out as I love the feel and look of it so much more than the clear modern ones. There, I admitted it !!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Alpaca baby !!

It's a yarn addicts thing isn't it ? To visit a baby alpaca, see it's recently shorn fleece and wonder what scrummy things its being spun into.. heheh I had to get a pic of this gorgeous baby!

and.. nearly a Ta Dah! moment

Only 4 rows to go on my first ever knitted thing !! 

Woop woop ! It's not perfect and it's going to need a border in single crochet to cover up a few dodgy edges , which were there before I was introduced to a slip stitch chain edge -  Thanks  to the lovely Catherine at Knits and  Knatters -  I'd frogged back soooooo many times by then I decided to leave it.

This weekend I've also been yarn shopping for a very special blanket I'm embarking on (yup knitting again) It's called 'Tap Dancer's Blanket' but I can't tell you why just yet....

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Its never easy letting him go

Ethan (nearly 16, I know I know) Is off to London tomorrow for a weeks work experience at the company my brother works for. I know he's more than capable of getting the train and tube, I know he's more than capable of calling if he gets stuck, I know my brother is a great dad, uncle and responsible person but...
Hes my little boy still, Ok hes nearly 6 feet tall and quite hairy but to me he is, mamas get that, yeah ?  He's been to Florida without me, the lake district, even flown to France alone but I still worry!
He's going to have a wonderful time, my brother has a full and active life which he will be sharing for the week. He's very excited !

See ? Hes not changed a bit ;-)

On a more crafty note....

Im still knitting and I love it !!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I like this 'awful' weather

I really do! - I love wearing a jumper to hide the wobbles, I love lamplight in the house, I love pottering in the kitchen with Womens Hour on the radio with a storm raging outside

 I love any excuse to make Mexican Hot Chocolate !

(I dont love the fact that I've got to go food shopping later in the downpour, but shhhh this is not a whiney blog)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Knitting !!!!

After several failed attempts at knitting (it really bugged me that I couldn't) I was advised to pick a project I actually wanted to make and go for it, so I did..
A very steep learning curve later and lots and lots of frogging and help from everyone I could bug and I'm proud to say I'm getting there!!

I can drag this out of my project bag..

and recognize the parts and its actually this..

and there's even fancy shoulder stuff, yarn over increases etc.

One VERY useful trick I've learned along the way is the safety line
I have noticed it does leave a little bumpiness that I hope will come out with a gentle ironing but next time I'll be using much finer yarn for it 

Downfall to learning to knit at last ~ my WIPs have doubled and my Ravelry queue is mammoth !!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekend antics

So there was a party to go to.. Pumpkin had a dress but it was chilly and you cannot buy a beige cardi for girls ANYWHERE -  I had 24 hours ! I managed to rustle up this little bolero/shrug which is a very adapted version of a top down cardi that a friend gave me the pattern for (I've used it lots) I got it finished in time and her lady ship wore something else hahaha..

What she actually wore was..
(on her way there with Daddy)
If you cant wear a hot pink tutu when you are 1, when will you ?

And a few pictures from the event itself..

The Happy Couple

Cupcakes to die for !

Pumpkin throwing some shapes on the dancefloor
A proper 'little girl at a party' moment, her first ~ awww

Weekday Blogging.. and mobile app

Just a quick note, I've realised that I am looking forward to sprucing up the blog, I'm taking lots of pics, but that this android app is a bit rubbish for anything more than basic text so updates will be an evening job once the Pumpkin is asleep :-)

Oh and 'yay' I have followers !

P.s. its amusing that the location thingy can't find this house so ill pretend I'm Blogging from where it thinks I might be .