Monday, 5 September 2011

Knitting !!!!

After several failed attempts at knitting (it really bugged me that I couldn't) I was advised to pick a project I actually wanted to make and go for it, so I did..
A very steep learning curve later and lots and lots of frogging and help from everyone I could bug and I'm proud to say I'm getting there!!

I can drag this out of my project bag..

and recognize the parts and its actually this..

and there's even fancy shoulder stuff, yarn over increases etc.

One VERY useful trick I've learned along the way is the safety line
I have noticed it does leave a little bumpiness that I hope will come out with a gentle ironing but next time I'll be using much finer yarn for it 

Downfall to learning to knit at last ~ my WIPs have doubled and my Ravelry queue is mammoth !!


  1. Yay! Looking great! And the blog makeover is looking fab too :)

  2. thanks Sarah, Im getting there slowly... :-)

  3. Yes, use a finer thread, even strong sewing thread will do, though the bumpiness should even out with blocking anyway. Lovely cardi in a gorgeous colour!

  4. Gorgeous! I knew you could do it :)

  5. Well done , looks gorgeous !
    Crochet cotton is good for lifelines too.

  6. that's gorgeous! well done - i've not beern brave enough to knit a cardi yet!


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