Monday, 12 September 2011

Nostalgia gone mad ?

So the current trend, well it's been a few years now, has been for nostalgic 'stuff'. Cupcakes are in, bunting is BIG, crochet and knitting are reaching heights of popularity I've not seen in my lifetime. Who knew a granny square would ever be cool ?!
I for one think this is lovely lovely lovely  (apart from those 'Keep Calm' signs, they bore me now hehe)
My 25 year old niece had a village fete themed wedding last year - Mum and I made the cakes.

I'm starting to think I'm taking this a bit far however..
This summer for the Royal Wedding, Fairy (you know  - hands that do dishes are as soft as your face, so dry and a bit spotty  T zone then?) brought out an old fashioned squeezy bottle and I've been lovingly refilling it each time it runs out as I love the feel and look of it so much more than the clear modern ones. There, I admitted it !!

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