Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekend antics

So there was a party to go to.. Pumpkin had a dress but it was chilly and you cannot buy a beige cardi for girls ANYWHERE -  I had 24 hours ! I managed to rustle up this little bolero/shrug which is a very adapted version of a top down cardi that a friend gave me the pattern for (I've used it lots) I got it finished in time and her lady ship wore something else hahaha..

What she actually wore was..
(on her way there with Daddy)
If you cant wear a hot pink tutu when you are 1, when will you ?

And a few pictures from the event itself..

The Happy Couple

Cupcakes to die for !

Pumpkin throwing some shapes on the dancefloor
A proper 'little girl at a party' moment, her first ~ awww

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  1. aaah! Gorgeous cardi for your gorgeous girl. Pink tutus rock!


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