Thursday, 8 September 2011

Its never easy letting him go

Ethan (nearly 16, I know I know) Is off to London tomorrow for a weeks work experience at the company my brother works for. I know he's more than capable of getting the train and tube, I know he's more than capable of calling if he gets stuck, I know my brother is a great dad, uncle and responsible person but...
Hes my little boy still, Ok hes nearly 6 feet tall and quite hairy but to me he is, mamas get that, yeah ?  He's been to Florida without me, the lake district, even flown to France alone but I still worry!
He's going to have a wonderful time, my brother has a full and active life which he will be sharing for the week. He's very excited !

See ? Hes not changed a bit ;-)

On a more crafty note....

Im still knitting and I love it !!

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