Saturday, 10 September 2011

Alpaca baby !!

It's a yarn addicts thing isn't it ? To visit a baby alpaca, see it's recently shorn fleece and wonder what scrummy things its being spun into.. heheh I had to get a pic of this gorgeous baby!

and.. nearly a Ta Dah! moment

Only 4 rows to go on my first ever knitted thing !! 

Woop woop ! It's not perfect and it's going to need a border in single crochet to cover up a few dodgy edges , which were there before I was introduced to a slip stitch chain edge -  Thanks  to the lovely Catherine at Knits and  Knatters -  I'd frogged back soooooo many times by then I decided to leave it.

This weekend I've also been yarn shopping for a very special blanket I'm embarking on (yup knitting again) It's called 'Tap Dancer's Blanket' but I can't tell you why just yet....

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