Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Girasole is dead! Long live the Girasole !

A cautionary tale...

There once was a new knitter who thought she could cope with something big and fancy like she had seen made by her fab knitter friend Becky

She had admired the Girasole pattern by Jared Flood many times and so cast it on.
She decided to change needle size after the first few rounds, and again a few rounds later!

She thought she could just miss out a few rows of the pattern cos it was boring/wasn't going well. 

She then ballsed up the leafy part by rapidly moving ahead with the charts not checking that the stitches were lining up. 

STILL she soldiered  on! She got a better knitter by this stage and thought she would keep the mistakes as a 'cute' reminder of a past time. 

Then she thought she would frog it (rip it back - rippit, rippit) but couldn't face the task. It was going so well by this point! The UFO was shoved in the back of the yarn stash to linger unloved. 

Unfinished but not unravelled either. 
Eventually the time came when it just couldn't be put off any more and the frogging began *sob*

The Girasole is dead! Long live the Girasole !

Today I have cast this on again and am going to do a knit a long with my friend Ally , we hope to inspire and nudge each other along a bit :-)

 See ? that last bit was GOOD !

but those leaves weren't !

 There was no way that massive change in needle size was going to be 
blocked out was there ?

gratuitous rig picture for the fans

so long Imaginary Readers ! x


  1. I might just have to join yo in this then, I've just started a 4 ply version as a baby shawl for my friend, it seems like such a long time ago that I did the original though and am loving it all over again, this time yours will be amazing xxx

  2. Mine has just rolled into chart F. It really does fly and is SO MUCH FUN. I'm glad you frogged :-) Debs is doing one ATM too.

  3. Life lines will be your best friend with this project! At the end of a chart/pattern repeat/every few rows (ie as often as you want), thread some dental floss/waste yarn through your stitches. If you need to rip back then theres something holding the stitches so they are easier to pick up, and you'll know where you were in the pattern coz you made a note of where your life lines are ;)


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