Saturday, 2 June 2012

Going Meat Free

I've been pondering this for many many many months now. 
It just doesn't feel right to eat meat anymore. 
All the fluffy baby animals we pettted today at The Cotswold Farm Park were the final push I needed to make this choice today (romantic notion I know) 
I feel vegan might be the end result for me but I'm not sure how to do that with success so for now it's meat free only.

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  1. I'm vegan for health reasons, so any help you want let me know. In the first instance make sure you get a range of protein sources every day (nuts, seeds, pulses), get plenty of dark leafy green things for iron, and take a supplement if you feel its needed. I use a vit B complex (Viridian brand), and a vit D (coz I don't make any), and will occasionally take Floradix to top up iron. Good luck!


Please let me know you were here, I need to feel the LURVE !