Thursday, 14 June 2012

An apology to Snowdrop

A while ago I openly laughed at my friend who was using a builders bucket as 
part of her crocheting 'kit'. 

"A bucket?!" I scoffed, hahahahaha how funny !
"I have a beautiful Cath Kidston bag I will be using" I said.

Victoria, I apologise. 

The bucket is in fact the perfect thing to have at my feet, 
3 balls of yarn on the go at once (round balls let loose = ROLL)

Toddler needs me or the phone or the door or god forbid I need to pee in a hurry.
Dump it in the bucket, safe and sound. 

Love ya Snowdrop ! xx


  1. Genius! I do have a spare bucket.....

  2. I also use a bucket for some projects - especially crochet with lots of colours. But mine is pink.

  3. Hahaha... You're not the only one to have mocked my collection of buckets! LOVE! Xx


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