Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Grellow knit-a-long!

Grellow is a great word isn't it ??  I saw it on Ravelry I think..

I've been holding onto a ball of gorgeous blue faced leicester yarn for aaaaaages, not knowing quite what to make with it. Similarly had a hankering for (and bought) some mustard sock yarn. So when my friend Sarah - Crafts from the Cwtch suggested a June knitalong for the Color Affection Shawl I was itching to get my pins out !! I knew from the first moment that the 3rd colour had to be grey to achieve my grellow. 

I had wanted to get something from the lovely Nimu Yarns, but as I'd left it so late there wasn't time for Clare to dye me what we were planning. 
So... browsing t'interwebs for something smooshy and grey I decided upon THIS from Baby Long legs. Ode to Bender, the name alone sold me and I wasn't disappointed 
when it arrived!

I don't have time for this - I really don't. I'm squeezing in the odd row or 6 when I can (lot's of Marigold Green work happening too) My lovely partner had the small blonde a lot over the weekend which was wonderful and meant I got more done 
than I'd first thought I would. 

I'm loving the knit so far, have made a few pattern adjustments  - using KFB instead of M1s and adding a yarn over along the edges to hopefully ease it up a bit. (although having just read Sarah's blog today I'm worried that my twisted sides will have negated this a bit too) 

Anyway here it is up 'til yesterday. I have been playing with my new toy of Instagram a lot and just discovered a cute multi picture app too so bear with my 'arty' pic spammage!

so long Imaginary Readers ! x


  1. Lush, missus. Is this knot something that you think is within my limited knitting capabilities? Interested!! X

    1. You could this standing on your head !! xx

  2. Looking fab, lady!!!!!! Yours may not be as tight as mine, so don't panic..... Just knit that first stitch loose if you can, I think that was my problem as my knitting is quite tight.

  3. Very nice colors! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Hello, you. I've just nominiated you for the Versatile Blogger award, which I'm sure you've probably already received, but here it is again :)

  5. Greys and yellows are my new favorite color combo... so I really like thhis!!!


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