Saturday, 12 November 2011

hmmmnn Cubics

Trying out my new knitpro cubics.. 
I'm not sure if I can see much of a difference between them and symphonie tips.. I'm using WAY nicer yarn than I usually can afford so is that what's making them a pleasure to use ? 
Either way I am loving this pattern !

Also on the pins is this scrummy yarn called Crofter (chunky) its a faux fairisle and Im loving how it looks like something really complicated but its not. Also new on this item are knitpro (cubics again) but fixed circulars which have teeny short tips, it makes it possible to knit items such as a hat like this with 40cms much more easily, the teeny tips are so cute too ! 

( I knew I would run out of yarn with this hat but for some bonkers reason decided to make it smaller depth wise so Id have enough yarn.. not so stupidly I had the forethought to pop in a safety line at the point I'd need to frog to once I'd finished it and confirmed that indeed it was too small !)

Blogging again has made me realise I really do need a proper camera... 

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