Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To Blog or not to Blog ?

Is the question.. at least MY question for the last few months. Does anyone read it apart from Sarah and Kate ?
Should I just keep doing it as a diary of life that I will look back on in old age ?
Sometimes I think 'oooh I'll blog that!' and then I sit and think 'nope, cant be bothered'

How do regular bloggers find the time with all the craft stuff, Ravelry, Pinterest, Forums -  oh and those pesky kids ?!


  1. It's like that Kevin Costner baseball film "build it and they will come" - if you blog, more people will read it and if they don't... well who cares!

    I blog regularly because I take part in things that make me post weekly (WIPW, yarn along, FOFriday etc) even if I am not inspired to write much of "my own stuff" I try to post on those when I can.


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