Thursday, 15 March 2012

Re: how soon after giving birth did you exercise ?

This was a question asked on the Natural Mamas forum last week..
I had a laugh with a friend asking her to confirm in her role as a midwife that 26 months WAS too soon !
But really I do need to start up, I'm WEIGH over weight (incorrect spelling and therefore pun intended) and although I feel 'fine' I know I could feel better. I remember how good it felt to be thinner and fitter and as Verity grows she's getting more active by the day. I need to keep up!
In an ideal world I'd go to a gym and walk a LOT on a treadmill I used to love that and it worked great for me, am considering checking out the gym locally that has a creche. the fact that the ex husbands new cow of a wife goes there is daunting , but seeing her pert little MANs arse may be the motivation I need . Oops musn't rant !

Now off to munch my bacon sarnie..

(I can't diet, love food too much - exercise lets me eat what I want - It's definitely the way forward !)

farewell imaginary readership!


  1. I found it so difficult getting back to exercise after B. The gym here has a creche too, I found it worked out cheaper to book her in for a drop and shop session, then go off on my bike for a ride, or pop home and do a fitness dvd. I did walk for miles with her on my back until she wanted to walk herself. Good luck, whatever you decide.

  2. I use the crèche at the gym - well, I did until I was ill/in hospital etc. she loves it and I love having an hour to myself. I can't wait until my stitches are sorted and I can get back to it as I feel so muh better for a bit of exercise.

    Go for it!


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