Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Groovyghan Ta Dah!

I think TaDah is now the official term for presenting a finished crafty project isn't it ? 
I was given this yarn by a lovely friend Victoria at lookingforsnowdrops and as soon as I saw the vibrant colours I knew what it had to be !

With far too many WIPs on the go, this was surprisingly easy to finish - crochet I don't have to think about whereas knitting still hurts, but that's for another post!

ta ra for now imaginary readers !


  1. Thats gorgeous! I need to work on my ripple blanket some more I think!

  2. Hmph, who are you calling imaginary??

    Love Meg (Spottysocks)

    1. wooohooooo they are not all in my head!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Serious case of wanties going on here!!!!!!

  4. How much yarn did it take? I have the same case of wanties as Sarah!!!!


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