Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography Challenge Day! 3KCBWDAY2

Challenge? you want a challenge?
Try taking a cute picture of your house-rabbit Freddy and a ball of wool with the aid of a toddler and a very slow/rubbish phone camera.


you thought they were going to get better as they progressed didn't you ? Yup, so did I.  


Oh and just for the record this is also what happens if you give up on rabbit idea and think 'arty shot of needle roll will be a good Plan B'
 ~ toddler assisted arty arrangement

Photography Challenge 0 - Pets and child 1 

until tomorrow Imaginary Readers x 


  1. I'm glad it's not just me who has these issues ;)

  2. Does he seriously eat the yarn? that's so funny! By the way, that needle case is to die for!

    1. Yes, he's very naughty . My friend made it :<3

  3. Hahahaha - love it! I don't have a house rabbit (or any pets for that matter) but the kids are bad enough so points for effort! :)

  4. Snape challenge accepted :D

    Bunny is sooo cute!!!


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