Monday, 16 April 2012

Just keep walking...

Friends will know I've been an avid babywearer since The Pumpkin was tiny - I won't dwell on all that just now as I could go on for HOURS ! If you want more info then click here.
I miss it so much !
When she was little and actually a bit bigger too, I loved those snuggly walks, the looking at things together and the constant cuddle. I have such happy memories of slings and wraps holding us close - I hope she does too.

But now ? It's all about the walking.
Keep walking. More walking. Walk some more. Walk again. Again.

Then, just sometimes, after a biiiiiig walk..

Daddy gets her! Its just not fair is it ?

bye for today Imaginary Readers xx


  1. time for another baby bligie ;)

  2. I think you might need a big babywearer ((hug)).
    They do look like lovely walks.
    And those memories all look wonderful.

  3. Replies
    1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! (I do have a great-nephew due soon which means I can hopefully wear a squsihy one again)

  4. Reese is now getting to be all about the walking but I have a brand new niece to kidnap, hurrah!

  5. Just think though, all that babywearing would have massively contributed to her beautiful confidence to want to walk and explore x


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