Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero 3KCBWDAY3

Well, I have so many.
I'm a member/reader/moderator and advertising bod for Natural Mamas, what started as a place to buy slings is now actually my favourite crafty zone too! I've met so many wonderful people online and slowly totting up those I get to meet in real life too.
The amazing mamas on there are ultra talented - we are just coming to the final days of our Craft Fairy Gift Swap which has been amazing, literally stunning work from everyone involved.
(This week my crafting hero is the Fairy that sent gifts to me but that's sewn not knitted or crochet so I'll post more about that next week)

I won't name names and haven't asked permission (oops) for using the following pictures but I don't think they will mind as they are there on Ravelry for all to see. These things were not part of the Craft Fairy as that would give things away but examples of the work my friends are capable of !! I think you will agree they are super talented.

They inspire me <3

and there are SO many more I could have chosen !!

ta ra for now Imaginary Readers x

p.s. what do you think of my new layout/look ? Please leave a comment! I am a comment starved blog whore.


  1. Love the new blog although I do appear to have a weakness for the pattern that is your background, currently have two quilts in the same design and two slings!

    I've been inspired to crack out the knitting needles this week , I was tempted to crochet but I just can't seem to get good tension so knitting it is!

  2. Love the new look!!!!! Thanks for the inclusion - feel free to label mine :)

  3. I am really beyond excited that my hemlock ring is on there! Squee!!!

    I like the look of your blog, but I like the words better :-)

    Meg xx

  4. Like the new look.

  5. The rainbow shawl is just beautiful!

  6. Not such an imaginary reader as I can see my Travelling Woman pinned to my garden washing line above! Amazing to think I inspire anyone. Thank you :-)

  7. Aw thanks my darling, I really don't see myself as an inspiration to anybody so you've made my day! I'm not doing the 3KCBW this time but you, Kate and Sarah would definitely be among my crafting heroes for your amazing talents, especially in crochet where I get easily distracted and your stunning colour choices xxx

  8. Awww There's my little Nancy's feet ♥♥ Thank you xxx

  9. Thank you! I do feel quite quite humbled by all the beautiful craftings above. The Seaside blanket owes much of its existence (and its woven in ends) to the help, support and inspiration of you, Becky, Victoria and too many others for my lazy Sunday morning brain to remember.

  10. Those look absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed reaing your post. How inspring and interesting!! I really hope I have more time to knit and crochet.


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