Thursday, 12 April 2012


After posting the groovy blanket from yesterday I pondered (as you do) a lot about colour choices. 
Much as I love how they look on others or pretty in pictures, I just prefer, for me a slightly more gloomy look over all. Grey and sludgy/natural greens, heather type purples or British seascapes rather than the turquoise Mediterranean. Is it cos I'm gloomy ? I don't think so... Possibly 'cos I'm chubby and need to hide a little in more muted tones? Also a bit of a messy pup and my dinner doesn't stain my darker stuff!
I've been drawn to  orange rusts and deep yellows a lot lately - not brave enough to venture wholeheartedly yet - I worry I will look jaundiced!
The point of today's Bilge ? The new background picture of this blog. 

Choices were..

the mustard I want to wear really 

 delicate and pretty (SO not me, more of a wish)

 delightful, aspirational work from my lovely pal Becky @ funandgameswiththethompsonboys (looked too busy on the blog)

more inspiration and warm thoughts with another stolen picture from Kate @ Good Purl Gone Bad (dont'cha just LOVE that blog name !)

 the dreary picture that felt good and very 'me'

 colours that made me think of sweets and Sarah @ Crafts from the cwtch

 water - too obvious 

 chirpy roving - cheep cheep !

My final gloomy-ish choice is a bit of unspun fluff stolen from the archives of Catherine @ Indigobird (she confessed the picture makes her sad as she threw some odd colour in the mix and wasn't happy with the final yarn - sorry Cath, I like a picture with a story and that helped my final choice!)

So, there you have it, new sort-of-gloomy background, lots of pretty pics to look at and..

to start planning for !  (clicky link to info up there ^^^ on the right) 

farewell imaginary readers ! xx

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