Saturday, 14 April 2012

A little rosie WIP

I'm still erring on the knitty side it seems!
Crochet is still easier for me it just flows and I don't have to think and yet I just love the variation and the finished fabric of knitted items. When I first learned to knit last year all I wanted to able to do was make stocking stitch - it seems I can!

This cardigan for Verity is another worked from the top down (my one foray into setting in sleeves was not a success) I've done a couple of items now using a double YO to create the raglan effect. This time I tried a pattern with just one YO at the raglan - I really like the neat finish.     

The pattern is  Taters Cotton Cardi but plain rather than the lacy stuff which I'm not keen on. The edging is Attic24's Bobble shell edging in crochet, the original pattern calls for picking up ALL those edgestitches - which I wasn't going to do!

So, that's it so far - sleeves to cast on once The Pumpkin is in bed later.

p.s. the yarn I'm using is Sirdar Wash n Wear in Rustic Rose - this yarn is great to work with and as the name suggests fab for children's clothes, in fact I think it improves with washing and tumble drying many times.

so long for now, imaginary readers ! x


  1. Very pretty :)
    I'm just too slow at knitting (and to be honest I never really mastered anything other than complete basics) Maybe I should pick up the needles again and give it another go...

    1. yes you should ! If you crochet 'properly' unlike me they say the best way to knit might be continental - I just do both awkwardly hehe


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