Monday, 23 April 2012

3KCBWDAY1 - Colour Lovers

Odd choice of title I know - all is explained at Eskimimi Makes Knitting and Crochet Blog Week !

So my post about colour goes like this..
1. Show a few pics of the dullish stuff I make including a link to a recent blog post about gloomy colours right here.
2. show pics of things I give away
3. Steal some pics from friends 
4. Talk about skein vs. finished object issues.

The things I tend to choose are muted tones, plain designs and yup, gloomy colours !

(must just stick a nice pic in here first though as that will be the Facebook thumbnail )

My dreary things .. 


(possibly helped by gloomy pictures taken on rubbish phone I admit)

And then there's the stuff I give away - I get the funky colour thing, I really do,  I love a rainbow for other people.

they just aren't 'me'

Skein/Ball vs. Finished Objects 

I often see a beautiful skein of yarn that just begs to be squished or even bought at great expense. 
Then it hits the hook or needles and woah, what the heck?! 
a jumble of colours, a tangled web of mess that screams 
'throw me back in the bag!' 
Crochet is worse of course 'cos of that knotty tangle each stitch is in itself. I've vowed never to crochet in variegated yarn ever again unless the colour runs at at least 26 miles per change.. 
Knitted things are a little better but mostly awful to my clearly slightly Amish outlook on colour.
This lovely Stitch Sampler Shawl from my friend Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch
is an example of how it SHOULD work.

and then there's the yarn I chose to try to make socks with ..

two words 


farewell Imaginary Readers ! x


  1. Hahahaha, where is the pic of the clown vomit socks.....

  2. I'm a real colour junky and I love the rainbow things you made to give away, but that lacy shawl is far from dreary, it's just gorgeous xx

  3. Yes, we need to see the clown barf socks!

  4. "slightly Amish outlook on color" That cracked me up. And now I really want to see the clown vomit, too.


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