Monday, 30 April 2012

Wonderwool Wales Wet Weekend !!

To be fair, it  was raining in Wiltshire - giving our £6 to the man on the Severn Bridge seemed to buy us a day of dryness in Wales (if bitterly cold, windy and dark!)

What stunning scenery we drove through, no wonder the Welsh are so proud of their country -  (blurry hedge pic through car window)

I will just carry on the pic spam I think for today ...

 knitted knicker bunting !

 Stunning teeny tiny crochet, must be like a 2mm hook ?

 needle felting

 Tiny pic on purpose from the stall that had gorgeous items but the snooty lady said 'I hope you wont be copying my designs' when I politely asked to take a picture! ( I SO will be now, bitch)

 Scrummy colours as ever from The Natural Dye Studio

Lantern Moon delicious needles from Purlescence Mr. and Mrs. P were really lovely to chat to

Mile after mile of scrummy BFL roving

Dodgy knitted number of the day... (aplogies if you know this lady who had a very nice crochet stall)

 The lady seemed shocked at my suggestion these looked like felted body parts ? 

 om nom nom

I wasn't going to post this crowd shot but the meercat lady bottom right amused me 

 Alpaca so soft I wanted to just dive in
 Just because..

 Drum carders R us... *swoon*

Fab knitted blankets..

Tomorrow I will show you what I bought and the plans I have for it ..

bye for today Imaginary Readers x


  1. I have a Classic Carder :D :D :D

    It was such a fantastic weekend, and even though I was cold, wet and tired I will totally camp again next year!!!

    1. I'm starting to save up already! :-)


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