Tuesday, 1 May 2012


You didn't know I could speak Welsh did you ? ( I can't, I had to ask)

A follow on from yesterdays post..

The amazing Wonderwool Roadtrip (WAHOOO , YEAH !)
was made possible for me by my lovely friend Victoria, knowing I am monetarily challenged she took me and funded me and fed me - which meant I had a few pennies for fluff!
The car journey was really good fun (woooo! yeah!) we had such a laugh and spent a lot of the time saying 'ooooh look at that gorgeous hill/mountain/sheep/field/cottage/cloud/hedge.. ' There was a spectacular stone bridge moment when we just wanted to stop the car and enjoy the loveliness of our surroundings for a while.

Being the gloomy colour type that I am, I just love love love the Welsh landscape in the rain.

So, when it came to choosing something to buy at Wonderwool, I set out to find something to capture those greens, greys and heather hues.

I chose this! Isn't it just stunning ? Those deeeeeep moody greens, purple and grey smudges and the little flashes of vibrant grass green. I love it!

It's a wool/cotton mix in lace weight and THIS is the plan for it.
I'm thinking clear beads would add 'rain drops' ..? 
But I'll decide about that once I've mastered hairpin lace crochet.. eeek!

and a final pic of my lovely friend on our road trip (wahooo! yeah!)
mwah ! xxx

p.s. Golygfeydd is Welsh for scenery 

so long Imaginary Readers ! x


  1. You're so funny - that's the sort of yarn I look at and wonder who the hell would buy! I think it will look fab in the klimt pattern and prove me wrong.

  2. Hi Love the pictures. Hairpin Lace is not hard. I used to do it in the seventies. What's the old saying everything old is new again.


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