Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One day like this. .

Cheering on the Olympic Flame!

I was thinking what  to call today's blog post. Inspired by my friend Anne on facebook a earlier today I sought out this song on youtube.
It's a modern classic that probably a lot of people got bored with hearing but this version is wonderful - thanks mum!

Yesterday I took Verity to see the Olympic Flame relay in Bradford-on-Avon.
What a wonderful event the townsfolk 
(I've been watching too much Larkrise to Candleford) put on!  

Bunting galore -  all the local shops had taken on a 'country for the week' 
and were all decked out in flags and finery. 
On The Green were musicians and a choir from the Wiltshire School of Music.
It really really was a fantastic day out, 
everyone was in great spirits and a party mood.

I must mention the Currys delivery driver who somehow got his 
van mid way between the 15-20 police motorbikes.. 
I don't think he could quite believe the cheers and applause 
and joined in with a suitably 'Hollywood' wave to the crowds.
I bet he was late wherever he was going anyway.

Verity had a lovely time eating ice-cream and chatting to lots of people.
She was actually terrified of the loud hailers and crowd 
noise as the Flame got nearer - poor thing!

So it finally arrived !

You can see a tiny glimpse of the torch bearer just left of centre in my picture.

There were a total of 8 torch bearers for this one tiny town, the organisers did a wonderful job as the 5,000+ people in the crowd proved.

I was proud to be there, proud of my County and my Country.
I can't wait to enjoy the Jubilee celebrations next month !!

bye for today, Imaginary Readers x

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  1. Wow! this looks like a fun day - and the sun was shining!!!! I think they are coming through Cambridge.... I must find out when :)


Please let me know you were here, I need to feel the LURVE !