Monday, 14 May 2012

Pride and Cake

That I think was the planned sequel to Jane Austens better known book..?

Pride - 
My wonderful son Ethan, took part in the gruelling Ten Tors event this weekend, trekking across Dartmoor for miles and miles, hours and hours (and hours) boggy terrain, rough underfoot and steep hills.
Sadly Ethan (and LOTS of others) had to leave the Tors event after the first day, to quote his team manager "his feet fell apart". After a debrief we think he was actually suffering from a combination of heat stroke and exhaustion too. Slurred words, unable to put one foot in front of the other and the evidence of a lot of sun exposure on the back of his neck seem to now point to that as well as the terribly blistered feet.

I am SO SO unbelievably proud how of how far he did get, the wonderful team he was chosen to be a part of  - there were no casual entries but months of hard training and you had to be selected. I know he's feeling a bit glum about 'dropping' out but I think it shows great courage and maturity to know when enough is enough and admit you ought to stop.
He says he knew he was slowing his team down, they were all struggling to various degrees and if he'd have continued the pace of the team as a whole would have meant they may not have finished in time and therefore be disqualified.

Isn't my boy just AWESOME ? !!
(that's him 3rd from the front)

and Cake - 
and dressing up to look daft cos your 2 year old wants you to be in a band ;-)

My partner Paul turned 46 on Sunday! - I said to him in the small hours 'ooh I've never slept with an old man before'

I'd attempted to make a swanky cake with my new bundt tin that turned out to be a deformed, charred disaster.. so enlisted good old Nanny Jean to make her famous chocolate creation.

This is  utterly and definitely THE best chocolate cake ever in the creation of cake creations.  (Sorry, seem to have been possessed by the voice of Lola there for a minute)

nom nom!

Adieu Imaginary Readers ! x


  1. I can see why you're so proud of Ethan! Everybody's body reacts differently to challenging conditions and I really feel for him as I bet he's disappointed. I hope he realises though just how well he did and that his sensible and thoughtful attitude towards the rest of his team shows real strength of character.

  2. Wow that sounds like a real challenge. I remember talking to my sister last year when she attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and had to stop before reaching the top. She had prepared really well and is generally a very fit person yet she did not manage it on the day. That did not take away from her achievement however. I would not even have started so to try is a huge huge achievement. Well done Ethan on being selected and well done on getting through the first day with what sounds like pretty painful injuries.

    The cake looks great too :)

  3. Poor Ethan must be feeling pretty down, but sounds like an incredible achievement to have got as far as he did. I've no wonder you're proud, I bet he'll be spurred on to try something else soon and I'm sure he will succeed.

  4. Amazing looking cake! I hope Ethan's feet are recovering after his huge efforts at the weekend. AS someone who had a similar experience in my 20s (trained hard but didn't quite make it on the day) I feel for Ethan, but he did so well!

  5. Ethan should be proud that he got as far as he did - what an achievement to be selected. And it takes great strength to step aside for the sake of the team. I hope he isn't being hard on himself as he got further than most of the UK population (who wouldn't even have thought to attempt it!)

    And that cake recipe looks yummy too! Wish I wasn't on a diet...

  6. You must be so proud of Ethan - getting selected, working as hard as he did and then having the grace to think of the team as a whole. I hope that he is quickly on the mend.


  7. Wow what an amazing achievement for Ethan. Never mind that he had to leave after the first day - he did the first day! I had a sailing challenge when I was 16 and glibly said I'd climb the mast - my legs started to wobble before I'd even got 10ft up and I had to come down again. I felt so low for a few days but now I look back and see how strong that made me - I know now that I am able to give things a go and I'm not put off by the fear of not being able to see it through - I just do as best I can and enjoy it. You must be sooo sooo proud of Ethan for what strength it has given him and he has a life lesson not everyone else will have.

  8. Wow. I wouldn't even attempt it! Mind you, I wouldn't even get selected because I wouldn't make it through the training.
    Well done to Ethan, and the team.

    1. Wow Ethan you're better than me! I'd never have got through the first hour, let alone lasted all day. I hope you were rewarded with lots of that yummy looking chocolate cake. Be proud, you got further this weekend than many people ever get in their lives.

  9. Wow, have heard about the Ten Tors, well done Ethan, sounds like you did brilliantly!

    mmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate cake....!

  10. You have every right to be proud! A Valiant effort! Well done to all the team! x

  11. You should be very proud of your boy, moors are treacherous and unforgiving!!!
    It takes a far stronger person to know when to stop!
    Happy birthday Paul, looking forward to trying that recipe out for myself!


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