Sunday, 27 May 2012

Oh! I do like to be...

..beside the seaside !

My parents have a holiday home at Clevedon on the North Somerset coast. We went for a day there yesterday to make the most of the sunshine (cos this 'summer' will only last the week - we all know that!).
Clevedon for anyone who's not been, is a lovely old fashioned 'proper' seaside town, the beach is not much , just some pebbly bits really, there are a few lovely cafe's and shops too.
There are no fast food places on the seafront and no amusement arcades - we LOVE it !

Clevedon's glory is its wonderful pier. 

see all those little brass plaques on the benches and floor ? There are thousands of them, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, birth or death or just for fun. People donate to the pier fund to get the plaques made and put in place - It's fun reading them as you walk along.

small girl and her bampy

so long Imaginary Readers ! x

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Please let me know you were here, I need to feel the LURVE !