Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Adventures!

So after much playing about and casual makes for friends and fair-ees, I took the advice/nagging/encouragement of many people and decided to actually try and sell what I do. 
(Making a little cash from doing something I love to fund yet more doing stuff I love - how cool would that be ? !!)
So I can now proudly present .... *drum roll* 

Just a facebook page for now so apologies to anyone not using the book of faces - grand plans for a proper website/world domination in the future.

Come and have a look at my scrummy things ! 

so long, Imaginary Readers ! xx

p.s. for anyone who's wondering..

"Marigold Green calls herself 'hideous, quaint and barmy'. Other people call her Bilgewater"


  1. So pleased you're doing this! Good for you!

  2. Great news.
    Can't wait to get paid now! then I will be over for a browse.


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