Sunday, 22 April 2012

Demented Vampire Ducks !

So the usual Saturday tradition of Daddy and The Pumpkin going down to the village to feed the ducks was somewhat thwarted by the addition of a mummy.. ( a little 2.5 year old separation anxiety means mama can't even pee alone these days !) It did mean there was a camera on hand to capture the moment.

The pesky ducks were frantic - I'm not sure if it's because we were early and so they were very hungry or cos of mating season, they were all so aggressive! One beast with fangs took a chunk from Verity's neck! (ok there were no fangs and it was her finger he went for but the 'Demented Finger Nibbling Ducks' wasn't so catchy a title) 

(sad girl after the near death attack)

now that's a picture you could never plan to take! 
(I was 'shoo-ing the duck away that was being mean to my handbag)

and finally cos It's a bit of a picture postcard type shot..

p.s. I'm scared! (trying to plan what to write but feeling rubbish about it)

7 days of blogging! 7 days ! with categories and yummy prizes ! eeeek !

see you tomorrow imaginary readers x


  1. Wow what a strange disposition that duck had! I think you might win the award for the strangest animal photo appearing on a blog today.
    Must have been scary for your little girl - hope she is okay.

  2. Ducks are totally evil and horrid, in my not-at-all-bird-phobic mind! Only things worse are swans and seagulls.

    Good luck with the blog week - I will be holding your hand via blogland!


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