Friday, 20 April 2012

Real or not real ? (recovering from the Hunger Games)

I'd not even heard of these books until a few weeks ago, the film came out and sparked a new interest across facebook I guess. I spoke to a friend who said I had to read them, they would be horrid but I had to. This friend can be very sensitive, upset by the written word and troubled by what she reads. Why was she saying I must read on ? I had to find out. 

Mid way through book one I felt ill, I felt like a sick voyeur. I wouldn't watch this vile stuff in a film, wouldn't read about it in a newspaper and yet I was gasping out loud and still kept turning the pages.. These books were written for teenagers ?! Maybe only as a parent you are horrified by such brutality. Maybe like my friend I'm too sensitive and need to zone out and just enjoy the 'entertainment'.
I've never enjoyed watching such shows as Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer in his day, it felt wrong to be entertained by other peoples misery. So at the end of The Hunger Games what did I do ? Yup, bought the next book! 

Then the next. Still page turning as fast as could, devouring the words and wanting to know more, really caring about who did what, what happened to them all. 
Now I'm finished I feel kind of confused. Am I just as bloodthirsty as the people I've condemned in the past for wanting to read real life stories of child hood abuse etc. ? 

I think I've just been captivated by a very well written story... 

(and I'm off to see the film tomorrow night) 



  1. You know I don't watch JK/JS or any soap operas and I certainly don't read books about abused kids. Like you I didn't want to read these but kept being recommended. Like you, I kept turning the pages until they were all read in succession. I also watched the film - where I sobbed.

    I don't know why they were so compelling either!

  2. I am still so desperate to see the film! I am listening to the audiobooks and am waiting on the third one which I should get tonight.... I can't wait to see what happens - They are so very compelling. That is exactly the right word!
    I need a Mockingjay..........


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